Rebel Minds: Class War, Mass Suffering, and the Urgent Need for Socialism (2019)

by Susan Rosenthal

Life should not be so difficult.

It is possible, right now, to create a healthful, cooperative, and sustainable world. Because that would not be profitable, the capitalist class force us to live in their sickening and unsustainable world.

When our minds and bodies protest, they label us as ‘deviant’ or ‘sick.’ We are neither. We are suffering. We are rebels.


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Rebel Minds makes a superb case for why failing to imagine the end of capitalism will guarantee the end of the world.

— Megan Wildhood


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Table of Contents





It’s a mad, mad world

Part I. The cause of mass suffering

1. A world of needless pain
2. Class war

Part II. Concealing the cause of mass suffering

3. The managerial class
4. Is ‘mental illness’ real?
5. How important is biology?
6. Eugenics then and now

Part III. Containing rebellion

7. The drive to standardize
8. Rebel minds:
The deliberately silenced
The preferably unheard
9. The State of institutions

Part IV. The battle for freedom

10. Inspiring victory, long decline
11. We are in deep shit
12. We need real socialism

What now?




Chapter 2. The extent of social suffering depends on the relative power of the two classes. As the capitalist class gain power, suffering increases. As the working class gain power, suffering decreases.

Chapter 5. The concept of ‘racial equality’ is a contradiction. As long as humanity is divided into ‘races,’ there can be no equality.

Chapter 11. The real dividing line is not between those who share a particular identity and those who do not, but between those who fight for the rights of others and those who oppose those rights.

Chapter 12. We cannot allow the capitalist class to continue making decisions that threaten our survival. To save humanity, we must end capitalist rule now, not in some distant future.



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